Massachusetts DOC Offers Shorter Sentences To Inmates Who Get COVID Vaccine

Hoping to increase the number of incarcerated people vaccinated against COVID-19, the state Department of Corrections is offering a deal: One week’s reduced sentence in exchange for getting vaccinated. 
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Planned Sale of Paintings Strains Years Old Bond

Professional acquaintances who became personal friends. That's the arc of the near 25-year relationship between artist Norman Rockwell and Stuart Henry, then the director of the Berkshire Museum. But some say the bond between Rockwell, Henry and the Berkshire Museum stands to be broken...

Hair and Ink

An unannounced visit from a journalist elicits a casual yet inquisitive, "sup, chickie?" from one well-tattooed barber as she walks through the door.

Living Green On The Go

For many travelers, the new crop of eco-conscious hotels are no place like home. And that's a good thing.

A Walk In Chester's Woods

'It's an interesting challenge to figure out what is art and what is not...'

A Trend in Worcester County: Increasing Support For Republican Presidents

It can get pretty lonely being a Republican in Massachusetts. Just ask Jack Barron, chairman of the Republican Committee of Southborough, who works to increase local interest in the GOP.
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Art Sell-Off Slammed

The Berkshire Museum’s decision to sell 40 works of art to bolster its endowment and fund a renovation could have negative implications for museums across the country, leaders from two national museum membership organizations said.
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