Worcester Spent More Than $100 Million Building Polar Park. Minority Companies Got Peanuts

Worcester leaders promised Polar Park would bring vast new opportunities to local businesses — particularly companies owned by women and minorities. But of more than $100 million in construction contracts awarded for the Minor League ballpark project, less than 1% went to a certified minority-owned business.
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Former Homeless Shelter Employees Allege Misconduct By Director, And Say Shelter Leaders Knew

Last summer, Felicia Martinez says, she had to make a choice: Lie, or lose her job.
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For A Props Warehouse In Central Mass., Pandemic Binge Watching Is Big Business

“Let me show you something cool," Dan Diaz said as he opened a door inside of Westerman Props Warehouse in Worcester.
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Native American Leaders Seek To Diversify Pow-Wow Audience

The notion that Pow-wows are only for Native Americans would be like saying rodeos are just for cowboys.
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A Picture Perfect Life Is Easy With A Fiberglass Family

Suzanne Heintz’s husband Chauncey lay on the living room floor, dismembered. She, unmoved, applied makeup nearby. This is not the scene of a grisly crime. It’s the start of a typical day for the Denver-based photographer. Chauncey is a mannequin.
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